In the year 2324, on an alternate earth in a parallel universe, the lone island continent Of africa-pangea is on the brink of chaos. A global water shortage has the planet on the Verge of its third world conflict, one of its twelve nations is gradually sinking into the sea, While yet another nation is the epicenter of a deadly, contagious, supervirus – all of Which could easily wipe out mankind; making matters worse – there is a bitter, fallen, God walking among mortals eager to settle an ancient vendetta. But the dark web’s Most streamed reality show in its history – “adversaries of the arena” – has never been More popular.


Our books are perfect for someone looking to escape into a captivating story for a few Hours, (you can read one of our novels cover to cover on a nonstop flight from new york To l.A.) – or for those who desire to discover new voices and points of view. So, whether You’re a seasoned reader or just starting out – adversity africa publishing promises to Have something for just about everyone.

Ajani & The Wishing Well

Set a decade after adversaries of the arena – a naive, outcast, peacock is stalked by a Psychotic serpent as he navigates the trecherous congo seeking a majestic body of Water, believing it possesses the power to paint his plumage extravagant colors so he Can appear attractive to his love and her judgemental tribe. Along ajani’s hazardous Journey he encounters many additional dangers, but also gains essential allies he’ll Need if he wants to survive; so they all try their best not to get murdered or die horrific Accidental deaths as they search for this possibly fictitious but at the very least Suspicious sounding well.

Summer Of Blood

10 years before ajani was searching for a majestic well, a bewitched and very Tormented baboon mercenary named mocha was just trying to find his way. With the Much needed assistance of an aardwolf, rainforest investigator named kyra, and her Team of jungle detectives – mocha must discover why his tribe has suddenly turned to Cannibalism if he is to absolve himself of being the cause. Making matters worse, after He stumbles upon evidence of a sinister “iron wall” plot to throw africa-pangea into Even more chaos – he must find a way to prevent congo’s misled king from being Tricked into inciting the third pangean war.

Conflict In The Congo

Set in present day africa-pangea (2334) a group of violent, young, rwandan, rebels Known as “the established ones” (teo) attempt to hunt down and kill an independent, Spanish, film crew that were supposed to be in congo filming a documentry on the rebel Terrorists and their cause – suspecting the filmmakers’ lead journalist, lucia pascal – is Secretly working for a covert intelligence agency known as piru. Meanwhile, ajani Attempts to prevent a civil war between his tribe of indigo blues, the ruling clan of java Greens, and a new faction of pheasants with their own agenda that have recently been Integrated into the village.




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