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We are an online book store that offers a curated selection of quick fictional reads that will stay with you long after you leave the jungle. Our founder, Ali Sorrell, started this venture in 2020, driven by his passion for storytelling and inspired by esteemed authors such as Stephen King and JK Rowling.

Since he was just 5 years old, Ali has been creating screenplays and nurturing his love for all things Transformers. Now, he’s taking his first big step towards fulfilling his lifelong dream of establishing Adversity Africa Publishing.

We take pride in offering a captivating reading experience that transports you to a world of imagination and adventure. Browse our collection of books and discover stories that will keep you engaged from start to finish.

Thanks for choosing Adversity Africa Publishing as your go-to online destination for quality fiction. We can’t wait to share our passion for storytelling with you!

Author Bio

Ali Sorrell

A product of the inner city, author a.L. Sorrell is no stranger to Adversity. He is a son of god, father of two, and fortunate enough To be living out his dream. He started his pursuit of professional Storytelling as an aspiring screenwriter – even moving to l.A. For A while where he worked as a movie extra among other odd jobs So he could be close to the action; but he’d eventually fall in love With the idea of publishing his own fantasy novels, while reading Fantastic fictional tales below the deck of a commercial fishing Boat in the middle of alaska’s bering sea. The first screenplay he Would convert into a novel was “ajani & the wishing well”, which Later sparked the idea to create what is now adversity africa – an Innovative publishing company whose initial release, “adversaries Of the arena”, became the first graphic novel of its kind. A.L. Now Resides in the beautiful pacific northwest – where he enjoys Exploring mother nature, fitness training, attending live sporting Events, and candid photography.

What is Adversity Africa Publishing?

Opened in 2024 by ali sorrell – it’s an online bookstore and Merchant where you can buy quick fictional reads that will stay With you long after you’ve left the land of adversity. A.L started Writing stories at the age of five, and the first one he wrote was An episode of transformers on notebook paper with a coloring Pencil. Inspired by legendary writers such as stephen king and jk Rowling – dan brown and lee child, ali is venturing out for the First time in pursuit of his dream. It’s also a one-stop shop – where You can purchase many different items associated with the brand.


Our books are non ai enhanced stories written by a.L. Sorrell, inspired by his vivid Imagination and intended for mature audiences. A.L. Utilizes mythology, theology, World history, pop culture, and tons of fantasy to create truly one of a kind tales. Here at Adversity africa publishing – we celebrate the power of storytelling – and its ability to Influence our lives. Here we believe literature has the power to transport readers to Different worlds, to challange their perspectives on life and inspire change. That’s why We are committed to bringing you action packed, graphic novels that will make you Laugh, cry, and everything in between – leaving you on the edge of your seat craving More.

Our books are perfect for someone looking to escape into a captivating story for a few Hours, (you can read one of our novels cover to cover on a nonstop flight from new york To l.A.) – or for those who desire to discover new voices and points of view. So, whether You’re a seasoned reader or just starting out – adversity africa publishing promises to Have something for just about everyone

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and creating unique voices, and invite You to check out the featured novels on our virtual shelves as well as learning more About our creative catalog of quick reads to come

Summer Of Blood

A nonviolent, enslaved, rooster named kenyatta – forced to participate in a deadly, Barberric, bloodsport streaming on africa-pangea’s dark web for the financial gain of a Ruthless, russian, warlord – vows to unite his fractured tribe and lead them out of Rwandan, rebel captivity. But kenyatta is tormented day and night by the fact that until He figures out some way to accomplish this seemingly impossible goal – he must stay Alive which means continuing to slaughter the very brothers he is attempting to save.

Summer Of Blood

Ajani & The Wishing Well

Conflict In The Congo

So take a look around the store and see if anything we have to Offer peaks your interest. And know that with adversity africa Publishing – you’re in for a wild ride.